12" Charger

12" Charger
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  • Enamelware Care and Use

    • While most enamelware pieces are dishwasher safe (except those with rattan, wood or knobs), hand-washing and drying will extend the life and lustre of the finish.
    • When washing, use a nonabrasive soap and sponge or nylon pad only. Dry immediately for best results.
    • If marking from silverware should occur, apply a paste of baking soda and water to the area, and rub gently to remove marks. Avoid using sharp knives on enamelware, as they may damage the finish.
    • Do not boil tea kettles dry, as this will result in damage to the finish. Boiling the kettle dry may also damage your cooktop.
    • Pieces that do not have rattan, wood, knobs, or other embellishments may be used in an oven, up to a maximum temperature of 400 degrees. Be sure the piece is at room temperature before it is placed in a warm oven.
    • Do not use enamelware in a microwave oven.
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